Speech Therapy

Pervasive Developmental Disorder

A normal child starts babbling when he/she is about 6 months old. By the time his/her first birthday arrives, he/she responds, when name is called out. They also point to toys on their own. But this is not the case with children who are diagnosed with PDD.

PDD or Pervasive Developmental Disorders involves different disorders which are followed by delay in manner of socializing and development of communication skills. Concerned parents usually note the symptoms of this disorder in their infant child. The typical age of its development is after 3 years. It usually has more occurence in boys.

Symptoms of Pervasive Developmental Disorder:

  • Problems in using words or understanding language.
  • Difficulty in identifying people or objects.
  • Difficulty in adjusting to different routines, similar surroundings or different behaviour patterns.
  • Playing with toys and other objects strangely.
  • Poor communication skills.
  • Types of Pervasive Developmental Disorder:

  • Autism-a disorder of brain development which includes poor communcation skills and social interaction. The range of activities is also limited. It is the most common form of PDD studied.
  • Asperger’s Syndrome.
  • Childhood Disintegrative Disorder.
  • Rett’s Syndrome-the growth of the child is strange. For example, small hands or low rate of head growth, etc.
  • Behavioral Reports:

    Children with PDD have different abilities and behaviors. Some dont speak at all, few speak in small and limited phrases, while some have a bit of normal development. Many individuals repeat things over and over again but have limited social skills at the same time. Strange responses to loud noises or strong lights are also common in these in these children.

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