Speech Therapy

Treatment of Dispraxia

Dispraxia in Simple terms:
Dispraxia is a condition which affects the basic motor skills of a child showning the below symptoms:

  • poor coordination between hand and eye
  • Difficulty in speech and language
  • poor direction sense
  • short-term memory issues
  • poor writing and hapless drawing
  • difficulties in spelling and reading

Treatment Of Dyspraxia:
Neither much is known about what causes Dyspraxia nor any proven cure is available. A child may learn the following with the help of specialized therapists.

Sit, Walk, Stand, Crawl, Speak, Speak clearly, potty training, Building vocabulary
The earlier the child is detected and treated, the faster is the improvement.

  • Occupational Therapy: The occupational therapist observes the child’s daily activities. And then develops skills to perform the activities.
  • Speech and language therapy: The speech and language therapist does an assessment of the child’s speech to help communicate effectively.
  • Perceptual Motor training: It helps improve the child’s language, movement, visual and hearing skills.
  • Active Play: Active play involves activity done outdoors or inside the home. Children learn faster by ‘playing’.
  • Chiropractic care is the mode of treatment on which research is going to treat Dyspraxia. The Spinal nerve is located and corrected. It aims at correcting physical problems than just solving symptoms.

Few Home Based Treatments for Dyspraxia:

  • managing complex activities by breaking it into smaller activities
  • carrying out few prescribed relaxation exercises
  • participating in sports activity that might improve co-ordination (like- swimming, tennis, computer games)
  • using gadgets or material make daily activities convinient like-toothbrushes and velcro shoes etc.

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