Speech Therapy

Treatment of Stammering

    Fluency Shaping Therapy:

    • This therapy is also called “speak more fluently” within common man.
    • Therapists trains sufferers to control breath, voice, and movement of lips, jaw, and tongue
    • Stutterers reduce rate of speaking by stretching vowels and consonants
    • The result is slow, monotonic and is done only at the speech clinic
    • Once the stutterers master in the above, they are taught to use the same outside the clinical in their day today interactions

    Stuttering Modification Therapy:

    • This aims at making the stuttering more easier and effortless
    • Fear , anxiety and the feeling of avoidance is checked to decrease stuttering

    Usage of Electronic Fluency Devices:
    Stutters sometimes use digital devices which alters the speaker’s words slightly such that the sounds appear coming from one person at the same pitch.

    Use of few pharmacological agents, such as benzodiazepines, anti-convulsants, anti-depressants, anti-psychotic and anti-hypertensive medications; and dopamine antagonists for treating stammering has shown extremely low positivity. But their prolonged use caused many side effects like- weight gain and increase in the blood pressure level. Others are under clinical trails.

    Support Groups and Self-Help Organizations:
    Many support groups have started making efforts in treating stammering in children. They take all possible simple and easy steps for treatment with minimal cost.

    Facts about Stammering:

    • about 65% of preschoolers recover in first 2 years of stuttering
    • about 74% recover by their early adolescence
    • girls seem to recover well
    • no cure is known in adults but partial recovery may be seen with efforts
    • about 5% of individuals stutter at one time
    • about 2.5% of children under 5years stammer

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