Speech Therapy

Apraxia Remediation

Basics required to understand the Disorder Apraxia:
The brain controls the functioning of basic organs like the hand, leg, muscles in the mouth etc. When the coordination between the brain and the basic organs is affected, the basic functions are not carried out properly. This is regarded as Motor Disorder. Some reports shows successful usage of a combination of fish oils and Vitamins E & K as treatment of Apraxia.

Apraxia: Apraxia is considered as a neurological (related to brain) disorder. It may be present prior to birth or may develop after birth. A person suffers from Motor Disorder in Apraxia. It can be tested by checking if a person is able to perform a task within a series of given tasks.

Treatment Methods:
Very little or negligible research has been done on treatment of ‘Apraxia’ till date. The following treatments are recommended for those people who are suffering from Apraxia:-

    Physical Therapy: This mode of therapy helps sufferers to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability throughout life.

    Occupational Therapy: This mode of therapy tries to make an improvement over the limitations or impairments in sufferers to make their life simple. A qualified occupational therapist tries to compensate for lost function(s). The following services are provided by the Occupational Therapist:

    • Teaching ways to do a task
    • Breaking down complex activities into smaller tasks
    • Evaluation of the place where the patient is and advising necessary changes
    • Assessing performance skills and advising appropriate treatment
    • Suggesting equipments tailor-made for Apraxia patients and providing training to use them
    • Counselling family members and respective caretakers
    • Usage of televisions, recorders etc. as a mode of healing activity

    Speech Therapy: This involves the study of disorders that affects a person’s speech, voice and swallowing. The people who teach speech therapy are Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs). They work on patient’s speech and voice, language needs and swallowing difficulties. The treatments based on their severity are:

    • Exercise raising physical strength
    • Repetitive practice and drilling
    • Usage of television, recorders etc. for teaching
    • Usage of Sign language and picture symbols

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