Speech Therapy

Environment And Communication Disorder

Communication Disorder in a person is improper body activities. It results in inabilities to understand what others speak and incapabilities to know what to talk. This Disorder is common in children. In few cases, it may gradually decrease as the child matures.

Role of Environment in Communication Disorder:

The child needs a special place to live so that it helps him to improve. The following aspects should be considered to keep the child happy and healthy:

  • The environment in which he lives needs to be highly safe. Any life-threatening conditions should be avoided. Sharp edged objects, electric devices should be kept out of reach of the child.
  • The place should be neat and clean. The child should be kept away from any chance of getting infected. Disinfectant solutions or antibiotic cleaning agents should be used each time any cleaning is done.
  • The environment should be lively. The place should be filled with all favorite items (like his toys, dolls etc.) and favorite colors of the child. As a result the child gets a feel-good feeling living there.
  • The place should be friendly for the child. The child should have all the required things within his easy reach. Entertainment mode should be present like a�� pens, pencils, colors and papers for the child to write or draw whenever he feels like.
  • A learning environment is needed to be maintained. Books, pictures, charts should be present for his learning. Specialized teachers must be appointed to help the child learn reading and writing. Audio and video devices can be used as a mode of teaching.
  • The child should be encouraged to mingle with his peers. People who talk to him nicely and whom he likes talking to may be requested for regular visits. People who stay away or show ill behavior towards him must be restricted to visit the child.
  • A complete study is needed to be done on the likes and dislikes of the child. The child needs to stay away from anything he dislikes.

Ensuring the above conditions done may not guarantee that your child will be alright but can make your child live a healthy and a happy life.

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