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Facts About Mental Retardation

Mental Retardation is a disorder not a disease in which the mental functioning of an individual is disturbed (i.e.- the brain doesn’t function normally), which results in abnormal body functions. Mental Retardation is based on two basic facts:

  • Intelligence Level: Generally a person whose intelligence level is less than 75 is considered retarded.
  • Adaptability Level: How independently a child can perform his daily works.

Till today there is ‘no’ proven cure to treat Mental Disability. But proper support and special type of education may help individuals in learning many things.

In U.S., there are several profit and non-profit organizations who support people who are suffering from Mental Retardation. Their goal is to make the patient independent. The major role in treatment is played by the family members, caregivers, educators and physicians.

Several other medical complications may be associated with the pateint due to the disability. These can be treated by medical help. Else no specific Medicines are yet found for treating Mental Retardation. Basically the pateint suffers from abnormal social, educational and behavioural issues.

Common Myths and Facts Associated with Mental Retardation are:

Myths Facts
MR is Hereditary External factors are also responsible
Bad deeds in previous life No such association
Improper following of instruction by pregnant mothers Drugs or harmful agents may be responsible
MR is infectious MR is not infectious
Tonics, medicines or vitamins can cure Only treatable conditions require medicines
Brain surgery can cure MR Only in few cases
Marriage may cure MR Spouse can take proper care
MR gets automatically cured with age Progress may be achieved as the patient grows
MR adults have sexually dangerous MR people are sexual abused and inhibited
Incapable of learning Speed and quantity of learning is less
Black Magic can cure MR Not so

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