Speech Therapy

Treatment of Mental Retardation

Mental Retardation is abnormality or incapability in a person to respond and act. It is not a disorder but a disability condition. It may involve unsuccessful understanding and talking or any type of abnormal body movements. Mentally retarded children show comparatively different pattern of psychological and behavioural pattern. Currently, there is no cure for this condition. But improvement may be made in the sufferer’s condition by medical help and other therapies. In U.S. many organizations provide assistance to people suffering from such illness.


Certain Anti-psychotic Drugs are suggested to treat some mild mental disabilities. Many Antidepressants are used to treat anxiety in many cases. Anxiolytics are used to treat sleep-related problems with the patients. Certain Mood stabilisers and Epileptic Drugs are used to treat manias and depressions.

It includes several treatment techniques like-

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps to modify the behavior and thought pattern in a mentally challenged person),
  • Psychoanalysis involves study of conflicts and defences arising due to psychic imbalance to treat),
  • Family or Systemic Therapy involves relationships with other people in family or outsiders as a mode of treatment),
  • Humanistic Approach is use of positive and negative qualities of human like- mercy and cruelty, honesty and dishonesty, love and hatred, respect and disrespect, happiness and sadness, pride and humility etc.)

Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT):
This technique is used in certain severe cases where electric shocks are given to the patient to treat depression or aggression.

This is performed by Neurologists (medical practitioners who has specialised in study of brain). Modifications are made inside the brain and sometimes on neurons (the nerve cells that pass information between brain and other parts of the body) to treat some type of psychological problem.

This technique involves educating others about psychological problems and managing people with psychological abnormalities. It also includes teaching patients how to manage things and work for their problems.

Creative Therapy:
Creative arts like- Music, Drawing, Drama, Dance or other art forms are used to make the patient learn and mange his own life.

Lastly, cooperation and dedication from family, friends, peers, teachers, caretakers are of utmost importance in fighting this disability.

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