Speech Therapy

Treatment of Reactive Attachment Disorder

A child suffering from Reactive Attachment Disorder shows abnormal social behavior. He may either show extremely unfamiliarity towards his known persons or may show uttermost familiarity towards strangers. It may have been caused due to any neglect , abuse or separation from caregivers or parents since early childhood. Frequent change of caretakers may also be one of the causes.

Child’s safety is most important. Several approaches are followed like:

  • Psychological and social support to family (financial aid, housing aid or domestic aid)
  • Psychotherapeutic mode (educating parents on mental illness)
  • Family Therapy (involving family and friends in treatment)
  • Individual Therapy (treating taking individual characters into account)

Play Therapy: A child is allowed to play with his parents so that the child can show his emotions like a�� fear or anxiety. The child is forced to different situations like a�� feeling when left alone, feeling when locked up etc.
Several therapeutic agents are also seen treating RAD to some extent:

  • child is put into a sense of security
  • Stability is ensured by giving time to develop trust in the caregiver
  • Sensitivity or attentiveness in a child is studied

Consultations with medical practitioners:
Doctors are consulted in respect of symptoms like- abnormal growth issues, nutritional issues, gastroenterological problems.

No specific diet is advised during treatment but children with feeding disorders require treatment under proper diet conditions.

Few psychological medications may be effective in conditions like- hyperactivity, sleeplessness or excessive anger etc. No medication is yet found to treat RAD.

No surgical techniques have been found to treat RAD.

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