Speech Therapy

Communication Anxiety

Anxiety is an unpleasant feeling associated with fear or worry. It creates unavoidable and uncontrollable uneasiness in the mood. When a child is unable to speak properly he gets quite upset. He feels himself inferior in comparison to his peers and friends. This is called Communication Anxiety in Children . Few adults also avoid situations where public speaking is required. This can be termed as Communication Anxiety in Adults . This condition can also be regarded as Public Speech Anxiety .

Anxiety at few instances is considered as a positive thing. This way the speaker gets serious about his listeners and can get a better preparation over his speech.

‘Self-Help’ is generally considered as the most effective way to overcome one’s anxiety. But the below mentioned tips may support to some extent:
Communication Anxiety in Children with speech disability:

  • Let your child to express his feelings in any way he likes.
  • Let him make any type of body activity to relax while talking.
  • Avoid people whom he does not like and situations that can make him scared.
  • Avoid your child to go into big gatherings unless needed.
  • Do not speak in between his speech or interrupt his flow of talking.
  • Take clinical help if required.
  • Make your child feel special.
  • Make him practise many times.
  • Build confidence in him saying words like ‘you can do it’.
  • Do not make fun of him.

Communication Anxiety in Adults:

  • Repetitive rehearsals of speech will help gather more confidence.
  • Error-free preparation will help the mind to settle down gradually instead of getting more tensed.
  • Addition of interesting contents that you are comfortable speaking will help in reducing tension.
  • If possible, visual aids like – posters, OHP slides or pictures may be used. So that your attention gets diverted from your fear and audience.
  • Make up your mind that it is an opportunity to speak in front of people, not a matter of fear. And you need to control your excitement not worry.
  • Long and deep breaths are a good way to keep yourself cal and composed. Deep breaths can gain control over your increased heart beat.
  • Whenever you get uncontrolled feeling of anxiety, try thinking about all your happiest moments or the moments when you were most appreciated. These thoughts will help you get relaxed and feel happy about performing.

Most people suffer from this or other type of anxiety. Among which Communication Anxiety is most common. So there is nothing to panic about. Avoid thinking about the after effects of the speech and follow the above tips to reduce your anxiety while talking. Clinical help may be required for people suffering from sever anxieties.

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