Speech Therapy

Know About Communication Disorder

Communication Disorder:

All Speech and Language Disorders which interferes with the the process of communication (i.e.- Understanding what others speak and speaking to others) are referred as Communication Disorder .

What is Speech Disorder?
In Speech Disorder , the normal speech of the person is disturbed. He may either stop making sounds completely, referred as Mute ; or may speak partially, leaving a part of the word or sentence; or may show any pattern of interrupted speech. In the United States, more than 700,000 the students were served by special education programs for speech and language disorder in 2000-2001.

Causes of Speech Disorder:
The exact cause of Speech Disorders is yet to be proven in many cases. But generally brain injury, neurological problems, hearing loss, drug abuse, or any physical abnormality may be one of the causes.

Classifications of Speech Disorder:

Types of Speech Disorder Basing on The Sounds Patient Makes:

  • Phenomic Speech Disorder: The patients are capable of producing sounds easily.
  • Phonetic Speech Disorder: Patients produce sounds only when they are requested or required to.

Types of Speech Disorder Basing on Stimulable Sounds:

  • Provoking to make sounds in few patients is very easy.
  • Few patients are forced to make sounds by repeated demonstration and using some instruments.

Types of speech Disorder Basing on Sound Production:

  • Patients those cannot produce sound on their own choice.
  • Patients who have never produced any sounds.

What is Language Disorder?
Language Disorders may be used along-with Speech disorders but are different from each other. Language Disorder refers to problems in understanding the words or using the word correctly. It basically involves difficulties in understanding and usage of grammar and meanings of words. It may range from simple speech errors (like – additions, substitutions or deletions etc.) to complex ones (like- unable to narrate any event, unable to understand what others are saying etc.)

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