Speech Therapy

Know About Puberphonia

Before puberty , the voice box of girls and boys are equally small. Adolescent males, within 14-19 years of age , undergo a voice change. Their voice drops and deepens and their Adam’s Apple (Voice box) grows in size. This is caused due to the action of sex hormones in males. But in few males, even after puberty, no change is seen in their voice. This condition, where males continue talking in their earlier voice till he completes his adolescence , is called Puberphonia . It is also named as “Mutational falsetto” or “Voice break”. Puberphonia is seen in 1 in 900,000 population. This results in causing inferiority complex and embarrassment in the individual. Thus, affecting him psychologically.

Symptoms of Puberphonia:
The Puberphonic males shows the following traits:

  • Unusually high pitched voice
  • Hoarseness of voice
  • Breathy voice
  • Uncomfortable to shout
  • other symptoms of Vocal fatigue

What cause Puberphonia:

  • Emotional shock
  • late development of adolescent characters
  • Psychological problem
  • Failure of fusion of thyroid laminae

How to confirm Puberphonia in males:
Complete physical examination of the males is needed to be done to see if any physical defects are responsible. Presence of temporary or chronic health conditions may be examined. Complete psychology study is to be done to check for presence of any psychological causes to voice problem. Males suffering from Puberphonia speaks in both high pitch and low pitch.

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