Speech Therapy

Treatment of Phonological Disorder

What is Phonological Disorder?

When a child fails to develop some or all sounds that are necessary for him to talk at his age, he is said to be suffering from Phonological Disorder. It may include ‘replacing of some sounds with others’, speaking half of a particular word and leaving the rest and many other. This affects their social involvement and academics. Many may show stuttering (or stammering), unclear speeches, immature grammar usage, difficulty in finding words and speaking or difficulty in reading and spelling.

What a normal child speaks at what age?

Age of the child Reactions in a normal child
birth to 3 months reacts differently to different sounds
4-6 months makes small sounds like- ‘ka’, ‘da’, ‘bu’, ‘ba’ etc.
7-12 months imitates sounds, starts speaking words like- ‘babba’, ‘mamma’ or ‘dadda’
1-2 years speaks 2-3 sentences
2-3 years speak names of objects
3-4 years speaks quite clearly
4-5 years tries tell stories and speak about events

Treatment of Phonological Disorder

  • The Speech and Language Therapists are trained professionals who help in teaching children basic sounds and talking. They give child’s need the most priority and practices the child again and again on single forms ( be it a word, a phrase or a sentence).
  • Some therapists start teaching a child how to place his tongue and open his mouth while making any sound.
  • Most health professionals believe that the child may be taught making sounds for small words first. Once he learns that, he might be more interested in learning more.
  • If any brain-related problem is responsible for not making any sound by the child then, alternative ways may be considered by special doctors to teach how to make sounds.

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