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Communication Disability In Chorditis

Chorditis is caused by the inflammation of vocal cords (vocal folds). Inflammation is a response of body tissues to external agents like- microbes, damaged cells or any harmful agents. it is a protective process by the body to fight against the harmful external agent. It helps in healing of the wounds and infections.
Chorditis may be caused dur to vocal abuse or cancer.

Vocal Abuse Involves:

  • Dry and cold air may cause dryness of the throat. Throat always needs to be lubricated to vibrate properly and produce sound easily.
  • Dehydration or loss of water can also cause damage to the throat as it would again reduce the lubrication of the throat.
  • Loud speech like- yelling or screaming may also hamper the vocal cords.
  • Smoking also limits the power of the voice. Smokers cannot inhale much air deep inside their lungs and the smoke also dries the throat.
  • Breathing polluted air (air filled with dust particles, smoke, rough solid particles) can also damage the voice system.

Chorditis And Cancer:
Cancer in the throat region can also cause chorditis. When cancerous cells develop around the throat. Our body defence system tries to fight against those cells. This response gives rise to a condition called Chorditis.

Most common symptoms of Chorditis are: swelling of throat and soreness in throat.

Treatment of Chorditis:

The treatment usually involves vocal training and speech therapy. The patients undergo practising singing or giving speech as a mode of therapy. The pitch, range of the pitch, rate of speaking etc. are controlled by therapists. Speech therapist helps in speech and voice production, swallowing difficulties, movement of jaw and lips and language. In few cases, even voice rest is advised basing on the severity.

Important: Before taking up any kind of medication or therapy, ENT specialist or doctors consultation is mandatory. A thorough and complete examination under the medical supervision is very important.

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