Speech Therapy

Communication Disability Due To Psychosocial Factors

Psychosocial factors can be a very strong reason for communication disability. Psychosocial factors involve psychological factors and social factors together. Psychological factors involve mental functions and behaviors in humans. Social factors involve the behavior and activities of the society in which we live. Social activities around the child have always influenced the psychology of a child. If he resides inside an educated mass, he would be influenced by that and would act accordingly.

Speech development may be slower under the below circumstances:

In twins, the children talk and interact with each other so well, that they do not require words to express their feelings. This way they delay learning talking. They do not feel the importance of talking to others.

Children born with Disorders:
Those who are born with any communication disability, may not talk at all or may face difficulty in talking by some means. They need proper treatment and advise.

Younger Siblings:
Younger siblings are generally dominated by their elder siblings psychologically. This affects their speakability in few cases.

Children in lower socioeconomic class:
Children born to lower class family are also affected. They grow with an inferiority feeling in them.

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They get psychologically upset comparing themselves to other upper class society children. Their speech and language gets weird and rough in comparison to others. They may become stubborn to learn and may lose interest in academics.

Children of deaf or mute parents:
When parents suffer from deafness and dumbness, they fail to interact properly with their child. No one talks to the child. So the child suffers from a delayed speech development. As he grows, mingles with outsiders, he learns talking gradually. The parents who lacks the ability to listen fails to understand what their child wants in many cases, hence it creates a gap between the parents and the child.

Children exposed to more than one language:
Few children are very sharp. They are capable of learning languages very fast. Even if they listen to more than one language at a time. But few children get confused listening to more than one language. They stop speaking at all.

Keeping all the above conditions in mind, work on the psychology and social factors that would enhance the communication skills of your child.

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