Speech Therapy

Communication Disability In Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a collection of some psychological conditions dealing with abnormal communication and unnatural social behaviour. They have severely restricted interests. Autistic patients show repetitive behaviors. The three main disorders associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder are:

People have noticeable delay in language development, which is not seen in Asperger’s Syndrome. Many disorders combine together to be classified as Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. Autistic patients prefer to be alone. They are not very friendly. They are concerned about quality of friendship but not number of friends.

Social interaction

Individuals suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder cannot interact socially. They cannot make friends. Sufferers fail to understand any feeling; be it an enjoyable moment or any celebration. They show extremely anomalous behaviors involving eye contact, body language or facial expressions. They misunderstand topics easily. They lack in understanding the feeling of others.

Restricted and repetitive behavior

They are very focused at doing something and are repetitive in their approach. They have a very narrow choice of interests. They may show repetitive movements like – flapping, twisting or whole-body movements, which are less rhythmical and asymmetrical.

Speech and language

speech may be unusually fast, loud or jerky. Their words do not stick to each other loosing meaning and sense. They cannot interpret figures and remain neutral about humors and teasing.


The ideal treatment is to improve social skills and interpersonal skills. Improvement is also done on management of behaviors like – hyperactivity, anxiety and all repetitive activities. Teaching speaking and reacting to normal conversations.

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