Speech Therapy

How To Exercise Your Voice

Voice Exercises improve human voice. It is a non-medical and non-surgical technique, used to modifying the voice. We do not realize our voice is used most of the time in a day. Our vocal cords also get tired. To relax voice tension we need some exercises.

This is the most convenient way. Singers use this technique to warm up their voice before performances. You can test it too. Speak ‘I am the best’ and then hum for 5 minutes. Hum high, then low. Speak ‘I am the best’ again. You will hear it more clear.

Yawn always with a natural ‘slide sound’ (like you always do from a high note to a low one). Don’t fake if you don’t feel like yawning. Do this in a series when you feel like. You will feel relax due to the opening of your throat. This opening will affect a lot in making your sounds clear when you talk.

Donkey Bray:
Ya ! You Are Right ! A ‘donkey bray ! Shout loud like the bray of a donkey. Repeat this several times. Of course you will smile and laugh in between which will stretch your facial muscles. And that is your exercise.

Small modification in our pronunciation can change the whole mood of a sentence. This is called Enunciation, which is the most difficult thing to master. A good speaker enunciates perfectly. Generally we pronounce T’s as D’s within words. For example – We speak ‘nodice’ for ‘notice’. Little attention can make you speak really good.

Stress On Word:
Read aloud a newspaper or anything of your interest. Stress each word equally. But do not change the mood and quality. Check if you are leaving any word in a hurry to say the next word.

Listen And Imitate:

Try to imitate an anchor. A newsreader is the best person to imitate. They speak very fast with clear, fluent and concise reading.

Check for your breathing pattern. Put a hand on your abdominal area and breathe. Try to feel your breathing starting from there. Take a deep breath after you wake up. Breath to relax for sometime. Do not move your shoulders and make your chest relatively relax and still.

Innnnnnnngs and Mmmmmmms-
Innnnggggggg(s) and Mmmmmmmm(s)can help in stimulating your sinuses. Sounds like – Ding, Ping, Ting etc. will tickle the sinuses. The tickles you get act as a very good exercise.

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