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Do Not Confuse Between Clutterers And Stutterers

Cluttering and Stuttering sound very similar to lay ears. They appear similar when they are at their worst. However, both conditions are quite different. Clutterers and Stutterers are very different to each other. According to Weiss, the animated character ‘Porky Pig’, who had been shown to stutter, was actually showing characteristics of Cluttering.

Is Cluttering as same as Stuttering?

Cluttering is very often confused with Stuttering. Because in both Communication Disorders, the flow of speech is disturbed. But Cluttering is a Language Disorder and Stuttering is a Speech Disorder. Stutterer have a clear thought and can put it into words. But is unable to speak properly. On the other hand a Clutterer has problem in organizing thoughts to form words. Stuttering affects only speech. But Cluttering affects speech, thought patterns, writing, typing, and conversation.

Stutterers V/s Clutterers:


  • Are aware of their disorder.
  • Condition worsens under stress.
  • Difficulty in short answers.
  • Often have neat writing.
  • Therapy focuses on relaxation.
  • May be fluent, but start stuttering.
  • Know what they want to say, but cannot say.
  • Have organized speech.
  • Have good listening skills.
  • Cannot make sounds fluently on starting of a speech.
  • Speech becomes fluent towards the end of the speech.
  • Exhibits struggle behavior while speaking.
  • Treatment takes long time.


  • Are unaware of their disorder.
  • Perform better under stress, have careless speech.
  • Difficulty in long answers.
  • Have hasty, and messy writing.
  • Therapy focuses on attention.
  • Were never fluent.
  • Know what to say, but gets disorganized while speaking.
  • Have disorganized speech.
  • Have no patience to listen.
  • Are most clear at the start of the speech.
  • Rate of speech increases towards the end, thereby decreasing the fluency.
  • Show effortless speech.
  • Treatment takes longer time than in Stuttering.

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