Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy For A Great Acceptance Speech

Keep Your Speech Short And Simple:
A speech can become extremely boring if it goes on and on. Nothing is worse than that. Audience response may go completely off with a long speech. Your long speech can also lose their importance of award. Try to make out how long should you continue and stick to that time. Always keep your speech sweet and simple. Avoid hard-some, ornamental or turgid words. Use only words that is understood by every common man. Your audience can lose interest in your speech.

Don’t Talk To Score points:
Avoid putting your personal agenda to your speech. Do not try to impress your audience. Always stick to your topic. Talk relevant to the occasion.

Make Your Speech Memorable:
You need to deliver a clever speech. Ingenious one-liners like – ‘I loved to be hated by you’ or ‘This is just the beginning, not the end’ are very effective.

Touch Your Audience’s Heart:

Include your emotion while talking. Connect with your audience by a warm tone in your speech. Use lines starting with – “Let us treasure those moments…, Why is that we could not …?, Why do we repent after things are taken away from us?”

Convey Thanks:

A most powerful way to deliver a successful speech is to thank your mentors, friends, coaches, family, supporters, partners and all those who have helped you in reaching your goals. But don’t make the list too long. But do not forget to thank your audience.

Avoid Reading Notes:
Always get prepared beforehand if any chances arise for you to speak. Do not follow notes. But keeping a note of keywords that can trigger remembering points may be preferred. Taking out a paper and reading from it can minimise the impact of your speech.

Do Not Speak Negative:
Acceptance speech should be about celebrating your success and achievement. You should not include any apologies or any other negative things. Be cheerful and perky not gloomy and blue.

Avoid Jokes:
Do not go for comedies or jokes not associated to your topic.

Stand Still:
Avoid moving around too much. It may distract you and your audience from your message and credibility.

Perfect Ending:
Tell your audience what you want them to do. Place yourself as their role-model (but do not speak that). Say everything that can inspire them.

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