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The Fear of Answering the Telephone

Do you know many people do not feel comfortable talking on the telephone. They fear to receive calls on continuous rings. And few may receive calls but just cannot answer the calls. Few may stutter and experience blockage during speaking on telephone. This can create tremendous frustration and grief in the person. This condition can even lower your self esteem and self confidence.

It may appear funny and sound ridiculous to many but answering calls can be challenging and problematic for few people. This is called ‘Phone-Phobia or Telephobia‘. Fear of answering the telephone is a psychological condition. A person may experience extreme avoidance to use the telephone. The fear may also increase to an extent where he can even get afraid to hear the voice messages.

The cause can be many. Few of them have been mentioned below:

  • Fearing about the reason of the call
  • Fearing about why to talk
  • Fear of getting misunderstood
  • Fear of misunderstanding the other person
  • Fear of forgetting the message to be conveyed.
  • Fear of not being able to talk properly.
  • Fear of talking to an unknown person.
  • Fear of listening to a disliking voice.
  • Fear of unable to like some others opinion.
  • And many more.

Some other reasons which can obstruct in taking calls are:

  • Interruptions during a call.
  • Urgency of completing another work instead of talking on a telephone.
  • Deviating away from your talk and motive of a call.
  • Availability of the person whom you are calling.
  • Getting frustrated about calls not getting connected easily.
  • Talking to a person you do not like to talk.
  • Fear of getting cancer by talking on a cell phone.
  • Afraid of talking to someone you cannot see.
  • Fear of getting heard by others.
  • Feeling uncomfortable about your own voice quality.
  • Fear of unpleasant phone calls.
  • Fear of dialing wrong numbers and talking to wrong persons.
  • Having a strong feeling that your call may bother others.
  • Fear of stuttering.
  • Fear of sounding confused.
  • Fear of not sounding confident due to lack of knowledge on the topic to be discussed.
  • Fear of appearing boring by unable to add spice and fun to your conversation.
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