Speech Therapy

Stroke Patients Benefit From Music Therapy

Music Therapy is also considered as an ideal method of treating a stroke victim. This is stated by the Brain Neurology , Oxford University Press. Music therapy can improve the chances of speech and memory recovery of stroke patients. Music is believed to lighten the spirits of every individual. This property is very effective in stroke patients.

It has been seen that verbal memory improved by 60% and the ability to remember things was increased by 17% ; when music therapy was given to any normal individual. Music listeners were seen to have been more happy and lively but less confused and agitated than other non-music listeners.

When blood cannot reach our brain; our brain tissues die. It causes Stroke. Our movement and our ability to precept, learn and understand get disabled. Even death may occur in extremely severe cases. Pain, weakness or coordination failure may be accompanied with memory loss, loss of speak ability, depression, loss of sensory activities (vision, hearing, sensation or touch, taste and olfaction or smell), confusion and paralysis. Medication in stroke patient aims at thinning the blood so that no further clots occur. A completely restricted diet is followed to lower the level of cholesterol in the body.

Music can boost alertness and mood. They stimulate our ‘dopaminergic mesocorticolimbic systems’. Confused ! It simple terms it means, enhancing our feelings like – pleasure and other emotions and of course our memory. Singing can boost speech recovery. Forming words and phrases becomes easy for the patient when framed in a familiar song. Managing rhythm and clapping helps in recovery of movement and muscle activities.

Music therapy should be begun during the earliest post-stroke period.
Music can be added to our daily routine very easily. Music can also act as a mood-stabilizer. It can be easily accessed and completed with very negligible amount of money. It does not need any special place like the hospital.

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