Speech Therapy

Parts of the Respiratory System That Trigger Speech

A proper respiratory system is the primary factor for successful speaking. Respiratory system allows the successful airflow (i.e. intake of oxygen and outflow of carbon dioxide) into our body. Respiratory parts are also responsible for effective speaking in humans.


Nostrils include the channel of the nose starting from inside to outside up to the opening. Nostrils keep the air inhaled air warm and remove the moisture during exhalation. It grows and shrinks in size while breathing. The nostrils swap at every 4 hours, i.e. at a time only one nostril is used.

Nasal Cavity:
The large space behind and above our nose is the nasal cavity. It conditions the air (i.e.- it warms or cools the air by one degree in reference to our body temperature) before reaching the respiratory tract. it also helps in removing the dust particles by the vibrissae (thick and short hairs present in the vestibule).


The pharynx is formed as a part of throat and neck; located behind the mouth and nasal cavity. Pharynx allow the successful passage of air and food. This organ is very essential for the vocalization in humans. It also acts as a reacting part against many allergens in few allergic cases. The oropharynx, nasopharynx and the laryngopharynx form the Pharynx.

Larynx is the voice box, found along the neck. larynx protects the trachea and helps in sound production. It is responsible manipulation of volume and pitch. A strong and healthy set of lungs can only produce a louder and appropriate sound.

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