Speech Therapy

Using Sign Language With Apraxia

Sign language can be used as a ‘bridge’ or an ‘anchor’ in communication.

Using sign language for an Apraxian child is always under controversy. But it is very helpful. Because children who cannot speak properly have seen to respond more to sign language. Bur few researchers believe that sign language do not motivate Apraxian child to speak. In fact many think that a child can express his or her feelings, needs by sign language, which will decrease her level of frustration.

An Apraxian child can undergo frequent outbursts due to his incapability to communicate. He gets extremely bothered about saying what he wants in food? He can get very annoyed about others not understanding her. His gradual discomfort becomes high vexation. But sign language may help in this.

Emotional effect of sign language:
A child can communicate at the most basic levels, thereby lowering his frustration levels. For example he can use signs to show he is thirsty. He can even couple this with small incomplete verbal sounds. Correct understanding by his family and others will encourage him to communicate well.

Social effect of Using Sign language:
An Apraxian child can relate better with his family and peers. He would not feel out of a group anytime. he can also overcome his shyness and other unsocial characteristics.

Sign Language Can also affect Academics:
Sign language can reduce the pressure and struggle to speak. This can prevent the child’s distraction from studies and learning activities. They can even participate in discussions. Presenting his own ideas and saying what he learns becomes very easy.

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