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How To Eliminate Verbal Filler Words?

The following are the methods by which you can try to get rid of your Verbal Filler Words. They damage your confidence, flow of speech and rate of speech.

Rephrase It:
Whenever you catch any error in your speech, repeat the whole statement or paraphrase it. But do not use the filler words again.

Carrier Phrases:
A carrier phrase may help you in transiting you towards your next thought. Example: Use words like – ‘well’, ‘as a matter of fact’, ‘actually’ etc. to eliminate your frequent usage of ‘ummm’ ‘uhh huh’ etc. Keep changing the career filler words else you will add one more verbal filler to your previous list.
Filler words are quite obvious during spontaneous actions or statements needing some confirmation. Words as fillers are used to organise thoughts. Plan using carrier phrases in advance instead of using old ones. It may include: ‘Good question’, ‘To clarify’, ‘Interesting point’, ‘To confirm’, ‘As a follow up’ etc.

Predict Questions and Plan Your Answers in Advance:
When you are going to speak on a topic, predict all possible questions and prepare well with correct answers to them. Be it a meeting or a speech prior preparation is a must. This will increase your confidence to a great level.

Intentional Pausing:
The places where you can identify yourself using fillers, replace it with a silent pause. this will also help you in controlling your rate of speech. You will also get enough time to organize your thoughts and clarify your point. In most cases, filler words are a result of the high rate of speech and hurrying up due to uncontrolled flow of thoughts. Pauses can help your speech to maintain the rhythm and intonation.

How To Resist:
If you are having a strong urge to say your filler word, then do it. But do not make sound. Speak it in your mind silently. Let it go with your speech but unnoticed by all.

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