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Causes and Cures For Laryngitis

The swelling of Vocal cords is called ‘Laryngitis’. Infection in the vocal tract, voice abuse, voice box injury, chronic cold and cough are the most common factors that may cause Laryngitis. Cancer is also a major but rare cause.

People themselves have been seen to be the worst enemy to themselves to fight against Laryngitis. Consumption of alcohol during late night can cause severe irritation in vocal cords. Late night alcohol consumption starts acid reflux; i.e. the stomach acid moves up into the throat. This affects the vocal cords. Most performers are used to this. After their show, they tend to eat, drink and celebrate. I know how difficult it is to avoid the late night scoffing. Do not forget to drink lots of water and limit your alcohol intake to a minimum.

Do not talk loudly if you really care for your voice. Never stress your voice nor force it when it is fatigue. You should never force your voice when it is weary. Most people who eat, drink and talk till late, suffer from this condition.

Swollen vocal cords can also be resulted because of cold. many people complain of hoarse and gravelled voice after they recover cold. Their vocal cords gets so much swollen that they cannot phonate.

All you need during this phase is ‘Rest’. Just stop any type of ‘Vocal action’. Avoid talking as much as possible. Also check laughing out loud.

Most affected are the singers. They lose their confidence to a great extent. A bad period or a bout of Laryngitis can even depress you deciding if you would ever be able to sing again. Singers and people who do a voice job always like to visualize their voice loud and beautiful.

Try to relax into the vision of a very healthy and a beautiful voice. Healing takes lesser time when you are very optimistic in your life. Never neglect. Visit your doctor the soonest if any unusual symptom arise in your voice. The healing may be very slow and can even take your patience away. Remain cool and never lose patience.

Theo-bromine is an ingredient found in the chocolates. Many researchers say that it can stop persistent cough very effectively. Drink a cup of strong hot chocolate of good quality and stay away from all cough lingering your way.

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