Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Exercises for children

If your child is having problems in pronouncing any words or sounds, then the first thing you must do is to take him or her to a speech pathologist. As, he is the only person, who can tell you the real reason , whether it’s a speech or medical-related problem. Now after you found out the real reason, you can practice different speech therapy exercises with your children at home. Some of them are discussed below:

Letters exercises

Children who are found with the problem of speech impairment usually have difficulty with one or two specific sounds, whereas other find it difficulty with following letters like D, M, L,Y,R,K and TH. In this case, pick one or two letters out of these and isolate them from others , and make him or her work with them. This will help them to learn easily and more efficiently and effectively.

Use vowels with letters
Next, proceed your session by showing how to make M sound. Now ask your young one to do the same thing. After that demonstrate him, by taking his fingertips on your lips, to make him feel the sound and the vibration made while pronouncing M. Now, hold his fingertips and place it on his lips and ask him to repeat the same thing. Try to stand in front of a mirror and do it together. Now, as he learn this , teach him sounds that has letter M and vowels which starts with a M sound like may, y, me, moo, moh etc.

Teach words with letters

Now when your child learns sounds exercises properly, ty to teach him to convert these sounds into words. Buy them play cards with words and pictures starting with M like Monkey, moon, money, mouse etc.

Sentences and stories
Next step or exercise will be teaching your child sentences made out of M words. Now this can be a little tricky for you too, as it more sounds like a tongue twister. Example, my mom made me macaroni etc.

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