Speech Therapy

What are Speech Therapy Exercises ?

Speech therapy exercises are the exercises , that help in improving one’s speech , pronunciation, language and speaking ability. These particular exercises help both kids and adults to initiate proper speech communications and proper pronunciation of words. Be it a kid or an adult who has suffered stroke, speech therapy exercises are the best way to cure and overcome your speech difficulties and communicate effectively with people.

Most of these speech therapy exercises are conducted under the vigilance of a speech language pathologist (SLP) or also called as speech therapist. A speech therapist is a professional, who diagnose and treat any kind of speech and communication problems.

A speech therapist either conduct one-to-one session or a small group session. In the session, speech therapist may use various audiovisual materials to point out the difference between incorrect and correct speech. Another activity which is included in the session, is how to use tongue exercises to improve one’s communication disorders.

There are different types of speech exercises. It all depends and varies from patient to patient. For kids, speech therapy exercises include using flash cards, puppets playing speech games, working with toys and reading books. There are other speech therapy exercises, which are called oral motor exercises. These physical exercises are commonly used with children who have sound speech disorders. A SLP can also use facial massage to strengthen lips, mouth, jaw,mouth muscles and tongue.

Speech therapy exercises can also be done at home. Both children and adults can practice talking in front of a mirror to see how they pronounce and say words.

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