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Voice Disorders in Adults

There can be different causes and conditions behind voice disorders in adults. They can be either result of strain or voice overuse. Sometime voice disorders in adult can be an outcome of an illness or result of surgery. Voice disorders or vocal cord damage is generally require self care and it is not a life threatening disease.

Different types of voice disorders
Laryngitis: It is one of the most common voice disorders which is found in adults. The symptoms of this disorder is sudden loss of voice and hoarseness. It results in swelling of vocal chords due to viral infections. Treatment of laryngitis includes keeping oneself hydrated and giving rest to the voice.

Lanryngopharyngeal Reflux Disease
: Lanryngopharyngeal Reflux Disease (LPRD) is caused due to reflux of stomach acid in to the throat. The symptoms of this disorder is throat pain, hoarseness and difficulty in swallowing.

Vocal chord conditions: This voice disorder occurs , when one of the blood vessels in the vocal chords get damaged. This results in blood filled tissues in vocal chords and there is a loss of the voice. Vocal chord conditions usually occurs due to shouting and yelling. The only treatment of this condition is to give total rest to the voice.

Laryngeal Cancer
: is a very serious voice disorder and need to have a proper medical care. It can be cured if it has been diagnosed and treated properly.

Misuse/overuse of your voice: Misusing and overusing your voice can lead to serious hoarseness. It can be caused due to strain on your voice while talking in a noisy surrounding, speaking without a microphone in public, excessive talking over the phone, yelling on top of your voice etc.

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