Speech Therapy

How to Identify one’s Stuttering Problem?

Stuttering is a kind of speech disorder, which can be really irritating and embarrassing for those who are suffering from this particular speech disorder. Stuttering symptoms can either develop in one’s childhood or later in his/her growing process.

How to identify one’s stuttering?

  • Look out for the most obvious symptoms of stuttering, that is constant repetition. Now it can be parts of a word, sounds of a word or a single syllable words.
  • Notice if there are any kind of signs of tensions in neck, joint and quivering lips. All these may indicate stuttering.
  • Observe different signs, that one may face in starting or completing a sentence or a particular phrase.
  • Notice if the person is avoiding speaking difficult words or some particular words. Usually a person who has this disorder tends to avoid saying difficult words and try to replace them with short or simple words.
  • Pay attention to see if an individual is pausing or stopping while saying a sentence or in between words. Getting stuck while speaking is a very common sign of stuttering. Also check if the individual is stretching out words and sounds for longer time.
  • You must also observe, any kind of physical behaviors like facial ticks, eye-blinking, tapping feet etc while speaking.
  • Sometime stressful situations bring out one’s speech difficulties. So observe the individual speaking in a tense or under pressure situation.
  • Last but not the least, consult a doctor. This is the most effective way to know if one has the problem of stuttering.

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