Speech Therapy

Tips to Overcome Stuttering

Stuttering is a kind of speech disorder, where a person tends to repeat sounds, sentences or syllables while speaking. Stuttering can be really embarrassing for those who are suffering from it. There is no such cure for stuttering, but one can definitely overcome stuttering by using different strategies. They are:

  • You can always take help of a speech therapist. Find one in your locality, who can help you in pinpointing all those things, which trigger stuttering. Example, nervousness in public speaking is one of the thing that triggers stuttering.
  • Speaking too fast or quickly, can create damage to one’s speech and increase stuttering. So, one should keep a watch and control over his/her speaking rate.
  • Try to speak in a quiet and relaxed environment. Avoid speaking in stressful situations or environments. Pronounce all words and verbalize slowly and softly.
  • Try to find out a support group in your locality, who help people with stuttering. Usually these type of groups help one out with the problem and offer relaxed environment for practicing and also teach various self-help techniques.
  • One must always support a person who stutters, instead of criticizing the person. Always try to listen patiently to people who stutters. This gives them a positive spirit and confidence to speak more and overcome the problem of stuttering.

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