Speech Therapy

How to Control Stuttering?

Stuttering is a very common speech disorder, which can be found in both adults and children. It can be really embarrassing for those who are suffering from it. Although there is no such permanent cure for stuttering, but one can always work it out by overcoming and controlling his/her stuttering problem. So, let me give you some simple ways to control your stuttering and overcome this problem.

Tips to control stuttering

  • People suffering from stuttering finds it a really annoying problem. Just like others, they also want to speak fluently without any kind of trouble and hindrance. But, unfortunately, it’s not the case with people suffering from stuttering. Stuttering can really kill one’s confidence to speak and communicate in public.
  • One can control stuttering by taking it slow. Usually you find stuttering problem among the children, but you also find this particular problem in adults too. Stuttering can be a little serious if it’s in your adulthood. One of the best way to curb this problem is to avoid speaking fast and take time to say something. And the best way to practice this is to go for a speech therapy session, where you get to learn and do different kinds of speech therapy activities.
  • Attending a speech therapy class in a regular basis, can create a big difference in your speech. With regular practice of different speech activities, one can surely get a control over his/her stuttering. Confidence also helps you to achieve this goal. So be confident and practice regularly. This will surely give you a positive outcome.

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