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Tips to talk to a girl if you are stuttering

Stuttering can be a real embarrassment for people suffering from it. Especially for a boy when he is trying to talk to a girl. Well, in this case you need to overcome your problem to win over your friends. So learn how to talk with a girl without letting your stuttering dominate the conversation.

How to talk to a girl if you are stuttering?

  • Try to talk in a peaceful environment, without any kind of disturbances. This will help you to be confident while speaking. Keep in mind, excitement and frustration may intensify your stuttering. So be very patient, cool and calm while talking to a girl.
  • You must try to be a good listener and focus being an active listener while talking with a girl. Try to incorporate some non-verbal communication to divert her attention from your speech patterns. Lot of nodding, using body languages and smiles can help you to have a pleasant conversation with a girl. Remember and learn that talking to a girl involves more than just talking about yourself and dialogues. Try to relax before you start speaking.
  • Speak slowly, this will help you to express yourself more. Do not hurry up with words and try to avoid long dialogues. Try to keep it short and sweet. Pick your words very carefully. Girls always like to speak a lot, so let your girl do a lot of talking. This will make her feel special and she will look forward to talk to you again.
  • Do not make fun of your own stuttering, as this won’t make you look cool but insecure. Just try to be positive and confident.

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