Speech Therapy

How to Choose a Stuttering Treatment?

Stuttering is a speech disorder, which includes a set of certain behaviors like repetition of syllables or words, skipping certain words, prolonging sounds. Usually a person suffering from stuttering tends to repeat the initial letter of a word or a syllable. Although there is no particular cause of stuttering, but there are different approaches and therapies to treat the problem. One must need to choose a treatment or therapy which suits to your needs.

Tips to choose a stuttering treatment

  • Stuttering treatment usually depends on the person’s condition. Patient’s age and type of stuttering.Usually a right treatment includes several therapies and treatments.
  • Try to go for a treatment that incorporates positive attitude and positive thinking in you, as a personality is enhanced with any therapy.

  • Remember that relaxation therapies are useful, but not alone if they are used. You must go for other techniques like rhythmic speech, vocal control and airflow therapies along with it. This will help you to reduce your stuttering and improve your speech fluency.
  • You must try to opt for an electical method or approach. This method combines insight and psycho therapy. This include word fears, communicative stress, identification of speech assignments, motivation and disenzitation.Though these techniques, stuttering patients have achieved speech fluency.
  • Before going for a treatment, try to find out if the treatment gives more important to unlearning improper ways of speaking or re-learning how to speak. A person going through such treatment can overcome his/her stuttering problem for the rest of the life.

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