Speech Therapy

How to Treat Stuttering?

Till now there is no particular cause of this speech disorder. There can be either genetic, social or mechanical factors behind one’s stuttering, but none of them gives a workable explanation. Well. In case of treatment there are some well proven therapies which treat stuttering to a certain extent. Early treatments for stuttering can make one fight with this problem at more ease.

How to treat stuttering?

  • First and foremost, you need to observe the person with stuttering. It’s not necessary that every one repeat the initial sounds. Sometimes sounds can be blocked off, drawn out or interrupted with pauses or”um”.
  • One must get diagnosed at a very early stage. In that case, even a 4 year child can be diagnosed. So it’s better to have it at early as it possible, to get an effective cure.
  • You must find a good and reliable speech therapist. This you can do by getting a reference from a child’s pediatrician or your general physician.
  • Have a talk with the therapist regarding the tools and techniques that will be used in the treatment. How family members, teachers and friends can make their contribution to this treatment.
  • Give the patient a chance to know and talk with his therapist. It’s very important for the stutterer to get along well with the therapist. If the patient is not comfortable with the therapist, then it will be hard for the stutterer to cooperate well with the therapist.
  • You must ask the therapist, to show you the place where the therapy sessions will take place. It is very important that the place should be child-friendly, colorful and inviting.

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