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How to talk to your child who has a stuttering issue?

You need to be very understanding and caring towards your child, if he is suffering from stuttering. One must give utmost love, care and patience to her/his child for curing this problem for the rest of his/her life.

How to talk to your child with a stuttering issue?

Be patient with your child
One thing you must remember is that, you need to very patient with a child suffering from stuttering. Try to talk to him/her slowly without any hurry. Wait for him to complete his sentences, never try to complete his sentences. You should never scold or criticize him to slow down.

Avoid questioning
Avoid asking too many questions to him. Instead you should comment on what he said rather than questioning him too much.

Use more facial and body languages
You must try to use more and more facial and body languages to show your child that you are listening and understanding what they want to say to you.

Spend quality time with your child

Try to spend some time with your child. Quality time with your child will help to boost his/her confidence.

Teach other family members how to talk to the child
Teach other family members how to talk to your child. This will help your child to get to talk to everyone in the family.

Accept your child the way he is
Last, but very important, accept your little one the way they are. Give him/her a lot of love and care and make them feel they are special in your life. Your love, care and patience will help him/her to overcome the obstacle.

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