Speech Therapy

How to deal with a person suffering from stuttering?

Aperson with stuttering is as intelligent as a normal person. But the only problem is that words don’t come out fluently while they speak. So, as a listener you need to consider certain things while listening and speaking to them.

How to interact with a person suffering from stuttering?

Don’t laugh or make fun
First thing that you must keep in mind while talking to a stutterer, do not laugh on him or make fun of his speech. They are already embarrassed and ridiculed by their situation, so do not add it any more.

Be patient
You need to have lot of patience while talking to a stutterer. Give them enough time to speak and complete their sentences. You might feel a little impatient, but you need to wait patiently to listen what they want to say.

Do not show pity
Never show pity on those who stutter. Instead show understanding. You must be patient and understanding to the person suffering from this speech disorder.

Do not treat with indifference
Never treat someone suffering from stuttering with indifference, after all it was not their choice to be a stutterer. You might feel uncomfortable talking to them, but do not show it in your face. You must make yourself comfortable and patient to listen to them. Only way to ease this discomfort by keeping a eye contact with them while speaking.

Give them time to finish their sentences
Never try to finish a statement for a stutterer. Give them time to finish it and express themselves.

1 response to How to deal with a person suffering from stuttering?

  1. Adam said on May 20, 2011

    When will people realize that patience does not lessen stuttering and patience will not make stutterers more fluent. Patience does NOT help stuttering. If anything, patience gives the person stuttering to stutter as much as they want when in fact the stutterer is being tortured enough. The listener has every right to fill in words and complete sentences when the stutter is STUTTERING ALOT. The stutterer wants help, not patience. Patience is not the same as help. The only time a listener should be patient, IS IF A PERSON’S STUTTERING IS MINOR. A minor problem of stuttering means a person can still get their words out and does not need help. For a severe stutterer–I hate patient people, I hate people not speaking for me. It is disrespectfull, and rude to not help me when I can’t speak. The best way to help a severe extreme stutterer is NOT to talk to them at all so they won’t be pressured to speak to you because they know they have enough trouble as it is. All these tips about patience, not saying things for stutterers are misleading. People don’t have patience and will not wait–and if you want to help an extreme stutterer–get them an anti-stutter device. IF THE STUTTERER IS MILD AND HAVING LITTLE TROUBLE, DO NOT FILL IN WORDS AND DO NOT INTERUPT. The mild stutterer will not have trouble so give the MILD stutterer time to complete his thoughts or words. Again why won’t people realize that the world does not stop for stutterers?? The world will not be put on hold to wait. Listeners will feel pity…and sympathy and empathy mean people care.