Speech Therapy

How to Stop Stuttering?

There is no such instant cure for stuttering. Even medicines, therapies and electronic devices are not able to stop it overnight. You need to be patient and work hard with your therapies to chuck out this disorder completely. A therapy offered by a person who himself used to stutter, can give you a good progression in your fluency. Today there are many therapies which are available, but not all of them may work for you, especially those which claim to cure you in minutes.

Things that you can do to stop stuttering

Relax your mind
You should always mentally relax and try to think that you are really going to do fine. The more you worry that you are going to stutter, the more you tend to stutter. So, relax and divert your mind from thinking that you will stutter.

See a specialist

You can always consult a doctor or a hypnotist to tell and discuss your problem.

Avoid looking at anyone during a speech

If you are giving out a speech, try not to look into people’s eyes. Look straight over people’s head at the back of the room.

Portray a confident look

Carry a confident attitude and have a care-free thought. Do not care what others are thinking about you and how you speak. It’s not your problem but their’s.

Read books

You must keep a practice of reading books and reading it out loud. You may find it a little difficult at first, but this will make you learn to breathe while reading and speaking and help you to stop your stuttering

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