Speech Therapy

How to find a Speech Therapist for Autism?

What is a Speech Therapist?

Speech therapy is related to treatments of speech disorders and communications. Therefore, a speech therapist is someone who conducts these therapies with a person having these disorders. A qualified and certified speech therapist or a pathologist should have a master’s degree. He may be associated with a clinic, a school, an institute etc.

Why a person suffering from autism should see a speech therapist?

Usually people diagnosed with autism are recommended a speech therapy. Yes it may sound a little different, as usually most of the autistic people are either non-verbal or extremely verbal. But in many cases, extremely verbal autistic persons tend to misuse or misinterpret languages at a regular basis. And in case of non-verbal people, there is a chance to develop language and speaking skills over time.

How does a speech therapist work with an autistic person?
Speech therapist includes a lot of techniques in working and teaching an autistic person. Some of them are:

Speech Pragmatics: It is the skill through which the autistic person is not only taught phrases like a�?good morninga�?, but also when,whom and when it should be said.

Conversation skills: It is a skill through which therapist teach how to carry on a conversation by sticking to relevant topics.

Non-verbal communications: It includes, teaching through electronic talking devices and gestural communications.

Concept skills: Concept skills is another technique through which a therapist try to build concept skills in an autistic person.

How to find a qualified speech therapist?

You can find a qualified speech therapist through your child’s general physician. Sometimes your medical insurance will cover all the relevant cost and suggest a speech therapist.

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