Speech Therapy

Down Syndrome Speech Therapy

Children suffering from down syndrome usually face a delay in acquiring language skills and speech. Now, this do not mean that they are deprived of speech and language skills. It’s just that they learn this at a little later age.

How do we usually communicate?

Communication and communicating with each other is an important part of our daily life. Communication can be done not only through speech but through other things like body and facial languages, gestures and sign languages. A child is more prone to learn facial gestures and body languages quickly.

Receptive vs Expressive Language

Mostly children suffering from down syndrome have a greater hold on receptive than expressive language skills. Which means they understand what one is telling before expressing verbally.

Speech Therapy for down syndrome

You need to give your child an early speech therapy session. It is very important to go for a speech therapy as soon the doctor recommends it. Speech therapy for down syndrome is usually a little different from the normal speech therapy. Therefore, while appointing a therapist, you must make sure that he has a good working knowledge about both normal development and down syndrome development. You must also make sure that your child gets gross and fine motor skills in the initial stage of speech therapy for developing speech and language skills.

How can you help your child?

Along with weekly speech therapy, family’s initiatives is also very important in developing speech and language skills in your child. So, parents, siblings and other family members play an important role in helping the child to get it soon.

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