Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Games For Articulation Disorders

Kids as well as adults may have articulation disorders if they have trouble in pronouncing certain sounds or words. Eventually people with speech delays end up getting frustrated as their disorder makes it difficult for other people to understand them. A hearing test should be done for a person who has an articulation disorder to rule out hearing loss as a cause for articulation problem.

Speech therapy develops more confidence in persons afflicted with this disorder by helping them to overcome their articulation problems.

Games for Articulation Cards

  • Mystery pick: The therapist chooses a winning card, places the card back in the deck and shuffles. In turn, the client selects a single card and says the word on the card. The one who picks the winning card gets a sticker.
  • Hide and seek: The therapist hides the cards and the client has to find them. The client has to say aloud the word using good sounds.
  • Bean bag toss: The cards are placed in a row on the floor and a winning card is selected. Ask the client to stand a few feet back and toss the bag on the winning card. The client has to say the word on the card that the bag lands on.
  • Guess What: Cover an artic card with a plain card. Slowly reveal it. Before the picture is totally revealed, the client has to guess and correctly articulate the word.
  • Pick 2: The client must select two cards randomly from the deck. Then he/she has to use both the words in one sentence (with correct articulation).
  • Picture guess: Clients are divided into two teams. Each team has to select a card from the deck and draw the picture. The other team has to guess the target word and correctly articulate it.

Other Games For Articulation

  • Balloon bounce: Bounce a balloon and try to keep it in the air. The client has to articulate the target word or sound correctly after hitting the balloon each time.
  • Pass a ball: Each client has to roll a ball back and forth and think of a new target word with proper articulation.

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