Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Tools For Children

One of the best ways to work with your child’s speech therapy is to offer oral motor exercises. Some speech therapy exercises work best with certain toys and tools. You can either purchase or create this tools/toys yourself.

Games For Improving Speech

Games are a great learning tool for teaching children about working on their stuttering and pronunciation. Even these games help in teaching children about speaking properly with correct articulation. You can play some old children’s games where you say that you are going on a picnic. Then you offer to bring something in the alphabetical order. For example, “ I am bringing an apple to our picnic”.

Then the child will repeat it after you and add something else on (in alphabetical order). For example, “ I am bringing an apple and banana to our picnic”. Hence, the game will go so on.

Another way to practice speech therapy is to use tongue twisters. You can try the classic tongue twisters like “She sells seashells by the sea shore”. You should focus on each word and pronounce it properly. After the child is comfortable with the tongue twisters slowly, you can ask him/her to increase the speed.

Toys For Speech Therapy

Toys are another great tool for improving your child’s speech. Often it is seen that children dread any form of speech therapy. But they may just forget that they are in therapy if you include toys. They tend to start playing and talking so that you can evaluate their skills in a better way.

There is no need for special toys for speech therapy. You can create your own toys by laminating or highlighting different words. Place magnets behind them and stick them on a board. The child can then rearrange all the words to create novel sentences. This helps in developing his/her speech and sentence structure.

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