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Feminization Laryngoplasty- Surgery To Alter The Pitch

Since transsexualism has become accepted as a part of a global society, various surgical and medical approaches have become available for trans genders. It is mainly done for physical alteration to conform with their conceptual gender. Male to female transsexual alteration is more rampantly done.

Feminization laryngoplasty is a surgical procedure which alters a genetic Male’s voice by making the vice box smaller and shortening the vocal chords. It is basically done to raise the pitch of the voice. Some surgeons add a thyrohyoid elevation at the time of the surgery. This is done to alter the resonance.

What Are The Indications?

The surgery is meant for those patients whose voice pitch is interpreted as male despite undergoing several speech therapy and training sessions. For example, a transgender who might be faring well in person, but is typically perceived as male on the telephone. However, other intersex or female individuals have undergone the surgery as well.

Feminization laryngoplasty is a good way of correcting Trach Shave complication where the pitch was considerably lowered. It works even if the Circothyroid approximation (CTA), another type of voice surgery, fails to yield desired results.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Feminization laryngoplasty is relevantly a new surgery than CTA. It carries some significant risks with it. Other approaches include reducing the size of the vocal chord with a laser. The theory behind the surgery is that the thinner vocal chord will vibrate at a higher pitch. The surgery might increase the tension of the cords from retraction. Hence, it alters the quality of the voice.

Associated Risks

In many cases, granulomas form on the inside of the patients voice box. This can cause a soft whispery voice. This depends on the granulomas location inside the voice box. These granulomas can be removed by injecting steroids into them.

A number of infections are also seen in some patients which may require surgical removal of the infected plate/suture.

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