Speech Therapy

Common Errors in Phonation

The things that can go wrong with Phonation…

Phonation is a process of adjusting or vibrating the vocal folds in order to produce the right frequency of voice. There are many methods that help in releasing the vocal chords better for the pronouncing the words right.

The techniques prescribed in speech therapy can help in with the phonation or voice control. But there are some things that can go wrong with the process of phonation.

Let us see some of the methods that can go wrong in the practise of phonation:

  • Releasing the air:
  • Over exertion of the air such as releasing too much air may not help in generating a better vibration in the vocal folds. At the same time applying too little pressure can also generate the same problem.

    So it has to be remembered that right amount of pressure has to be applied to generate the right vibration of the vocal chords.

  • Blockage:
  • Applying a lot of stress on the vocal folds may result in causing a blockage. The blockage caused due to the application of stress or pressure on vocal folds is called as a silent blockage.

  • Mistiming:
  • In practising the phonation a person may get into mistiming the technique. The process of phonation requires a person to take a long breath release some air and then to begin talking by tensing the vocal folds.

    This exercise is known as a gentle onset or also as a easy onset.

    These are some of the things that can go wrong while practising techniques of phonation. One has to make sure they do not fall into these traps to better the process of speech therapy.

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