Speech Therapy

Fluency by Slow Speech with Stretched Vowels

Slow speech can be the best way to make a beginning in improving the fluency. Slow speech can provide a person with better awareness and control in the words they speak. The main aspect of the slow speech therapy is make a person be conscious of the words he is speaking and the way he is speaking them.

Slow speech therapy can provide a person with a better control in the muscle movements used in speech. Most of the techniques and methods can be bettered with time. These methods can give a person better control of his speech and fluency, but it has to be remembered that a constant practice is required of it.

Some of the methods of practicing the slow speech are:

Let us start with a phrase or a sentence such as

a�?I am a kinga�?

Here each letter has to be taken individually and stressed upon. A word should not be taken altogether at once. Taking a total word may not be as effective as stressing on each letter.

Here the phrase or the sentence a�?I am a kinga�? has to be stressed in the following way:

Iiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaa kkkkkkiiiinnnnggg

One has to make sure that the letters that are being stressed are in proportion. Over stressing few letters and stopping on the others may not help. The letters have to go in a flow. One can make use of a stop watch for checking the number of seconds spent on each syllable or letter. Make sure your are spending enough time on each of the letter.

A person can make sentences of his own or sentence which he finds it difficult to pronounce or speak. And try speaking the same sentence in a slow motion, stressing on each of the syllable.

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