Speech Therapy

What is morphology?

Morphology can be defined as the study of the way the words are structured on the basis of certain rules and formats. It basically deals with the internal; structure of words.

Words are classified or distinguished on the basis of various factors involved in it, such as the spelling the pronunciation or the root words involved in it.

Let us look into the list of the factors involved in knowing the words better. Some of them are:

  • Examples.
  • Whether the words are obsolete.
  • Whether the words are vulgar.
  • The usage of slang.
  • History of the words.
  • The part of speech of the word.
  • Definition of the words.
  • Pronunciation of words.
  • Spellings of the words.

A speaker has to have the knowledge of the words or the usage of them according to the requirements. This can be also termed as a lexicon which is known as the mental dictionary of the speaker.

The information lexicon provides can be categorised in the following way:

It has the the grammatical content or the syntaxes such as nouns and adjectives used in writing and speaking.
The next would be the meanings or the synonyms of the words used.

The classification of the words can be categorised into:

  • Lexical content words:
  • The lexical content words are also known as the pen class words since new words are often added to these classes.

  • Function words:
  • These words help in adding meaning to the sentence, they cannot be classified into the main words or they do not provide the main semantic content. They are mostly grammatical words.

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