Speech Therapy

What is the role of a speech pathologist?

What is a speech pathologist?
Speech pathologists or speech therapists are medical professionals who help people with problems related to speech. Most of the difficulties in speech arise due to the weak muscular movements of the mouth and throat region. Speech therapists help a person in strengthening all the muscles which help them to speak better.

How does a speech pathologist help a person to speak better?
Speech therapists play an important role in identifying the real problem of an individual in terms of the speech. There are a number of factors involved in the development of the speech impairments in an individual. These factors can range from childhood trauma to an accident, the factors are identified properly and are corrected by the speech therapists.

Speech pathologists can also help an individual with their accent formation and quality of voice. Specially for people who are inclined in becoming better orators speech pathologists play a vital role giving them the extra inputs about speech and voice modulation.

Functions of a speech pathologist:
Speech pathologists have certain devices that produce sound and also a pattern of exercises that help a person in improving his language skills.

Places of work for a speech pathologist:
Speech pathologists are required mostly in the schools, as the it is the perfect time for them to correct impairments in their speech. Some of the other pathologists set up clinics, which can also be helpful for people with speech related disorders.

Most of the speech therapists work as a team which includes psychologist and medical doctors.

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