Speech Therapy

Methods for Speech therapy articulation

What is meant by speech therapy articulation?
Children who face trouble or difficulty in pronouncing certain words or sounds are said to have an articulation disorder. People having problems in articulation may experience speech delays and it also makes it difficult for the other person to understand due to discontinuity in words.

Sometimes these articulation disorders are caused due to hearing impairment also. It is better to go for a hearing test to rule out any chances of the articulation disorder resulting from hearing impairment.

Some of the methods for developing the speech therapy articulation can be outlined in the following way:

Observe in front of the mirror:

The person who is experiencing difficulties in pronunciation must practise in front of a mirror for better clarity. Proper pronunciation or proper articulation requires the right movement of mouth. A therapist can show the right movements of the mouth when speaking to the person with the articulation disorder. the person can check his movements while practising in front of the mirror.

This can help a person to know the right movement of the mouth while pronouncing the words.

Mouth strengthening:

Most of the articulation problems or the speech related disorders are caused due to the weak muscles in the tongue and the mouth. One of the best ways of strengthening the muscles of the tongue and the mouth is by chewing gum or foods that require some amount of effort on the muscles in the mouth.

Another method that help a person in strengthening the muscles of the mouth is by drinking through straw. Drinking liquids or fluids with the help of a straw can help in strengthening the muscles of the mouth.

Make use of Flash cards:

Flash cards can make the learning of pronunciation and articulation much simpler and easy. Flash cards help a person to take the process of learning step by step. It can be a fun way of improving the quality and fluency in speech. Any therapist or an elder can help to design the flash cards for children.

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