Speech Therapy

How to prevent speech disorders in kids?

Speech disorders occurs during the early stages of life of a person. These habits which are formed during the childhood can aslo continue towards the stage of adulthood. These habits and patterns can be prevented right from the early stage of their life.

Here are some of the ways that help in the prevention of speech disorder in children:

Go for a hearing check up:

Most of the problems related to the speech originate due to improper hearing abilities in children. Improper hearing ability in children can cause a delay in the speech and the communication of a kid. By making sure that the children do not have any hearing disorder one can prevent a person from developing any disorders in speech.

Check for nasal, mouth and palate abnormalities:

Speech impairment can also result from improper muscular development in the regions of the tongue, mouth and palate. By checking whether these muscles are in proper condition can also ensure in prevention of the speech disorder.

Keep away from loud noises and music:

The muscles and ligaments of an infant are really tender and sensitive. One has to prevent the damage that loud noises or sounds can cause on the ears of the infant. These loud noises can also cause deafening and hearing impairment in children.

Protect the children from verbal and mental abuse:

Children can be very sensitive to even the most simplest of things. Even a loud shout can send them into a state of shock. It is very important for parents to check that their children are not getting into any situations related to verbal or mental abuse.

Consult a speech therapist or a paediatrician if the child is facing difficulty in speech:

In case the child is facing any difficulty during a speech it is better to consult with a speech therapist or a paediatrician as soon as possible. The earlier the treatment the better are the chances for correcting the disorders in speech.

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