Speech Therapy

Relation between Psychological Disorders and Speech Impairment

Speech impairments are caused in children with respect to many factors adding to it. And factors causing the speech impairment can vary from lose muscles in the tongue and the mouth region to psychological problems developed at the tender age.

Sometimes even when all the muscles of the mouth are well coordinated, children find it difficult to speak properly this can be attributed to the psychological conditioning of a person.

Children in their tender age record a lot of thing while growing up the negative belief and the negative systems around them can cause them to develop an inferiority complex. The inferiority complex can break the confidence in a kid while speaking.

How does one deal with the psychological aspect of kids?

It is very important for a parent or an elder to feed their kids with positive belief”s. Sometimes due to the negative surroundings around them kids can have a low amount of self esteem that can break their confidence.

If a kid has already a low self esteem, a proper counselling can help the kid in breaking most of his negative self belief’s. A proper conditioning of mind can re establish the confidence in the kid.

Role of parents in improving the psychological conditioning of their kid:

Parents and elders play an important role in developing the positive belief system in their kid. Lot of criticism from the elders can break the confidence in the children giving them an inferiority complex. A parent should avoid any form of criticism of the kid.

The elders must always provide words of inspiration and courage to build a build confidence in their kids.

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