Speech Therapy

Exercises for speech therapy

The improvements in the speech of a person are often attributed to the constant practise of exercises. These exercises can help a person is coordinating the movement of the muscles for a better speech. There are different activities or exercises which help a person to make the aspect of speech easy.

Some of the exercises that help a person in speech therapy are:

Speech card games:
Flash cards are often used as best method for improving the basic aspects of speech. They are a fun way of learning specially for the kids. These flash cards contain pictures and words which can be a representation of an animal or a historical place. These cards can also be used for,playing the memory games.

Memory games play a pivotal role in developing the skills of kids.They are shown a card at random and are asked to remember the sequence of the cards, then the cards are placed aside and the children have to recall the sequence of the cards.

Another method for the using the memory card is by showing the kid the memory card and then placing the card in a pile of other cards. The child has to pick the right card among all others.

Shooting game:
Shooting game is a fun way of learning with words and their pronunciation. Provide the kid with a toy gun that is used for shooting at the suction cups. Now place some words which the kid has a difficulty in pronouncing or speaking on the cups, this is done by writing these words on a piece of paper and pasting them on the suction cups.

Now pronounce the word and ask the kid to shoot it on the suction cups. And slowly one can ask the kid to pronounce the words himself and shoot it. This game can make the aspect of learning very interesting.

Instrumental therapy:
There are some instruments that give a good exercise to the muscles in the mouth such as harmonica and flute. The use of these instruments is not for the kids to learn in playing them but the major aspect of them is to give a thorough exercise to the muscles in the mouth.

Blowing air into the balloons is also a very beneficial exercise for the mouth region.

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