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Speech Therapy Books

Speech therapy books and catalogues form the base of research for any speech therapy pathologist. For a speech therapist or a pathologist it becomes mandatory for him to have the basic knowledge of the various intricate details of linguistics and speech.

Speech therapy books form a basic manual for studying various techniques, therapies and treatments related to the speech therapy disorders.

Let us look into some of the best books on speech therapy:

Speech and language development and intervention in DS and FXS:
This book deals about the communicative competence of people with down syndrome and fragile X syndrome. Some of the positive aspects of the book can be outlined as follows

  • This book is basically meant for the research aspect.
  • And every chapter still has a section on the involvement of the parents.
  • It deals with the specific language problems of 2 genetic disorders.
  • This book can be used as a reference specially in strategizing interventions.

Parents guide to speech and language disorders:
This book can be used as a complete guide for the parents in dealing with the children’s speech and the language problems. This book covers topics from the diagnosis of the speech disorders to the treatments and therapies available for it.

This is comprehensive and is written in a friendly format. Some of the basic features of the book are outlined here:

  • It has a comprehensive information about the various speech disorders in kids and parents role in supporting kids with speech disorders.
  • It also deals with the speech therapy issues which the insurance covers.
  • It also covers various experiences and quotes from parents in dealing with speech therapy disorders.

Childhood speech language and listening problems:
Children who have trouble in speaking may always carry feelings of self doubt and frustration. This book deals about the various limitations children with speech disorders have to go through. This book can provide a thorough knowledge on speech therapy which can help the kids in speeding up the process of learning.

Some of the features of the book are:

  • Well structured and formatted for better readability.
  • A wide range of problems in speech therapy are highlighted.
  • Many suggestions and activities are given which can be practised at home.

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